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Scan-----Visualize-----Interact in 3D = Faster and Better Learning

Experience a brand-new way of learning with MagicBooks 3D Explore in AR! Equip your kids with the power of Augmented Reality technology via our free app, compatible with both Android and iOS devices.


MagicBooks 3D Explore is an innovative exploration-themed book designed to captivate and educate. Simply download the MagicBooks AR app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, and watch as each page transforms into an interactive 3D experience right before your eyes.


In today’s digital-heavy landscape, we’re redefining education by blending classic textbooks with immersive, visual learning. Our book features animated scenes and objects from nature and science that jump off the page, greatly enhancing your child’s ability to learn and retain information. MagicBooks keeps young readers engaged with the physical book while delivering the excitement of animated videos, ensuring a balanced learning experience that’s both fun and effective.



  • Visualize in 3D with voice over
  • Activities to improve thinking


Download the Magicbooks app from Playstore and Appstore to experience Augmented Reality

MagicBooks Explore | 3D AR Kids' Book | Discover Nature & Science

  • Experience the enchantment of storytelling with the AR app. Download the app, select your favorite author, and scan the image using your device's camera. Watch in wonder as the 3D image springs to life, immersing you in captivating tales like never before. Whether you're young or young at heart, let the magic of MagicBooks transport you to extraordinary worlds and ignite your imagination.

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