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Crawler - Ages 0 to 3

 The Crawler series is specifically designed to capture these very young's children attention and keep it.  Focus is increased by introducing an element of entertainment not found in traditional teaching tools.

Get a Head Start

With Magic Books

There's no better time to get started down the road to learning than with these little ones.  They're ready to begin exploring the world around them, and that's exactly what Magic Books delivers. And we do it in ways that make learning fun, exciting, and guaranteed to keep them coming back for more!

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How it

Get Started

Certainly, here's a simplified, bulleted list of instructions:

1. Download the 'My AR Book' App.

2. Enter your favorite author's code.

3. Explore all books by that author.

4. Purchase your chosen books - Visit our Shop.

5. Download and print the digital book for augmented exploration.


  Opt for a physical book copy with a minimal shipping fee of $5 across the United States.

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We believe that 

Millions  of books sold world wide 

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